November 2020

Every parent wants the best for the kids. This starts even before the baby comes out from the accessories that will be used to the type of clothing used indoors and outdoors. When he or she reaches the toddler years, some have already started introducing kids to the world of fashion, and designer shoes are on the list. 

This just goes to show it is never too early or late to teach the kid all about the world of fashion. The earlier the parents start, the better the person will grow up in choosing the right outfit that will express one’s personality. 

Since kids don’t know yet what are the latest trends, it is the job of the parents to make this happen. 

The workingman loves to get the shoes all dirty in the mud and one brand that does this well is Timberland. Those who want to get an outfit for father and son can try the Splitrock Boot. 

These shoes will only reach until the ankle of the kid and have a leather upper with a rubber sole. The parents will have to tie the shoes so this can be tightened or loosed depending on the preference of the child. This is available from size 6 to 10 which will work great for the little boy.  

The price of this pair of shoes is $75. The parents can check it out at the nearest department store or buy it online. 

For girls, one great brand that people know very well is Kenzo. Mom and the daughter can go shopping together wearing a pair of Maryjane Flower patch sandals. These are soft to wear with the top made of suede and rubber in the bottom. 

This is only available in the color red and there are sizes for kids from sizes 24 to 35. The little girl can wear this with a beautiful skirt and any plain or colored socks. People will see how trendy and cute the kid is the moment these people enter the store till it is time to leave. 

Kids regardless if one is a boy or girl can be told to wear certain things. Training the children to wear designer shoes to become fashionable and trendy will pay off soon once the individual is able to buy these without any assistance later on and being able to look cool not only in class but also in public places like the beach or the mall. for more products click Shoes for baby.

One of the most exciting things new parents get to do before the arrival of their child is to choose the baby's name.  Will it be something popular or unusual?  A family name or something original?  We will explore the top baby names as well as some of the more unique possibilities to help you choose the perfect name.

Top Baby Names:

the most popular name for a boy was Michael.  For the past five years, the most common name has been Jacob.  Other popular names include Joshua, Matthew, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, William, Joseph, Gregory, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Christopher.  If you are looking for a classic, these baby names have been popular for years.

The most popular name for a girl has not changed in the past fifteen years.  It continues to be Emily and is currently followed by Emma, Madison, Olivia, Hannah, Abigail, Isabella, Ashley, Samantha, and Elizabeth.  Except for Ashley and Elizabeth, the popularity of the others is recent and affected by pop culture, especially television shows.  

Other sources of popular names are best-selling novels and celebrities.  After Gweneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, many people have done the same.  The Harry Potter books and the Lord of the Rings movies have also added many names to the list of the most popular.  

Unusual Baby Names:

One way today's parents have created unusual names for their children is by changing the spelling of a popular name.  Variations that are becoming less unusual include Emilie, Elisabeth, Karin, and Erika.  Names like Stacy can be spelled in three different ways (Stacy, Stacie, Staci).  

Another way to personalize a baby's name is to use a nickname as the child's full name.  For instance, Ben instead of Benjamin, Jon instead of Jonathan, and Matt instead of Matthew are becoming more common.  

Other unusual sources for baby names come from the world around us.  The popularity of names such as April and May continues to come and go, while names such as Winter, and Hazel are still unusual.  Consider choosing a baby name reminiscent of the time of year when your child will be born or the time of year they were conceived.  Fruit, vegetables, colors, and the adjectives that describe them are a good starting point (Pear, Lemon, Azure).  Other uncommon names are those of plants and flowers, such as Hyacinth, Daisy, and Fern.

Other ideas to get you thinking:







Names that describe an idea or a personality, such as Hope, Grace, Prudence, Patience, Temperance, or Chastity, are still unusual although not entirely unique.  Other descriptive baby names include Cadence and Candid.

Other unusual names come from sources that are not commonly used today.  While Biblical names are popular, Greek mythology is only rarely used.  Your child may be the only one in their class to have the name Athena, Minerva, or Pan.  Or you could give them a name from another culture, such as the Swedish Carina or the Polish Aleksy.  

Baby-names from other cultures include:

Anuket - Egyptian mythology

Augustyn - Polish

China - Romanian

Dimitriy (Dima) - Russian

Freya - Norse mythology

Hestia - Greek mythology

Kirill - Russian

The possibilities are endless!  But as mentioned above, remember that if the source of your baby's name is a television show, novel, or celebrity, the name may not be that unusual when they begin school several years down the road.  This is especially true for girls.  Look for Apple, Reese, and Uma to be popular over the next five years.

Perhaps you'd like something even more original.

Unique Baby Names:

If you don't want your child's name to be the same as anyone else's, you can create a unique baby name.  These names can have many sources.  The more common methods of creating something original are by the combination of family names or the addition of a syllable or letter to a popular name.  An example of the latter is Kylen, a unique girl's name which stems from the boy's name Kyle.  Unique baby names that may come from a family name include Stafford, Prestoff, and Kilin.  While some people may find these better suited for a middle name, others may prefer their unique nature.

A sampling of unique names:






The Meaning of a Name:

For some people, it doesn't matter whether a baby's name is popular or unique, it just has to mean a certain thing.  Rather than choose a baby name with an obvious connotation such as Spring, Grace, or Rose, they want a name that will bring goodwill to their child through its ancient origin.

Some popular, as well as unusual baby names, include:

Adelaide (Adelia, Alyssa, Allison) - noble

Albert - bright

Alethea - truth

Beatrice - traveler

Cara - beloved

Colbert - bright

Darwin - friend

Elfleda - beauty

Gertrude - strength

Hannah (Anna) - favor, grace

Henry (Henrietta) - power

Isolde - beauty

Keisha - favorite

Letitia - joy

Manfred - strength

Osmund - protector

Robert (Bob) - fame

Vivian - alive 

Tips For Choosing:

There are many things to consider when you finally select a baby name.  Will this be a name your child can use for life, or will it sound silly when it refers to an adult?  Will this name cause your child to be picked on?  Will they have to constantly correct people in its pronunciation or spelling, and does this concern you?  Are there any stereotypes (good or bad) associated with it?  

One last concern is: does it fit with your last name?  Generally, it sounds better if there are a different number of syllables in the first and last names.  Only rarely should the first letter of the first and last names be the same.  This is of course more of a concern for boys, as they will keep their name for life.  Of course, any decisions about hyphenation in the last name should be made before the first name is chosen.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the possibilities.  After all, you have nine months to make this decision!  Leave yourself open to the myriad sources of ideas, and you will find the baby name for you.  And of course, if you let people know you're looking, friends, family members, and even coworkers might add their own suggestions!

Keep these things in mind, and you will choose a popular, or unusual, or unique baby name that your child will be proud of for life. for more information click Today's Baby Names.

 I am sure that you have been in a situation where you didn’t know what to get for your parents or your mom and dad in law. Maybe it was their birthday or maybe it was for Christmas or maybe you just wanted to give them a present. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a gift that is affordable and one that they will be glad that they got.

If you are a parent yourself (preferably if you have a child of age 0-6 years) then you now have an easy to do, affordable, and yet valuable gift to give. And the best part is that you can spend time with your child and he/she will think that it is fun to do.

The gift is to create a unique baby hand and footprint (or a child hand and footprint if your child isn’t a baby). It is easy to do if you choose to buy a keepsake kit from a local store or on the internet. If you’re going for the internet then be aware that it takes time for the shop to ship the kit to you.

Once you have the kit at home you’re ready to start making a baby handprint, a baby footprint, or maybe even both. Use your imagination and let your fantasy run wild. Use colors if you’re the artistic type or keep it in plain colors if you’re the more conservative type.

The great thing about a handprint or a footprint is that it will always be unique. No one can create a print that is exactly the same as your baby’s hands and feet are very unique. Secondly, I’ll bet that your parents or your mom and dad in law will be thrilled to get a little keepsake memory of their grandson or daughter.

If this is the first time that you have ever done a handprint or a footprint you might want to buy more than one kit. It isn’t difficult to do as most kits have an explanation inside but if you do something wrong you’ll have to run to the store to get another kit or buy another one on the internet (and wait for it to arrive).

A kit is just one way to do a handprint or a footprint but there are other ways that are more creative, fun, and unique. Actually, the kit solution is kind of “the easy way out”. If you feel that you could do more than just a kit print then I invite you to come to my site to see some of the other options that are available to you.

No matter what route you choose to go I can assure you that the baby handprint or footprint will be a gift that the grandparents will want to hold on to for the years to come.

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There are many different types of high chairs such as the very convenient ones like the on-the-go booster seat, the euro highchair two, the transition highchair, the Chicco Polly high chair, the sit 'n secure, bumbo baby sitter, and much more. You should do a high chair review to find the best baby high chair for your child.

The Chicco Polly high chair is a very lovely Italian high chair that is loaded with a lot of features such as a three-way footrest, armrests that lift up, and an adjustable leg rest. This Chicco Polly high chair is for infants only ages six months and up and it can hold up to thirty-seven pounds. Put this furniture near the dinner table and it will suit your toddler's needs.

This booster seat is for youth like nine-month infants and up and can withstand up to forty pounds. The on-the-go booster seat deflates and compresses for easy packing. It also weighs less than two pounds so it is very light to carry. This booster seat is very comfortable and it inflates at the parent's touch while keeping your youth content. The on-the-go booster seat has some cool features like a storage pocket to store food or what knots a wipe-clean vinyl cover, and a shoulder strap for easy portability. The on-the-go booster seat is an inflatable booster seat that has handles so it is portable that is why it is called the on-the-go booster seat. It is ranked as one of the top booster seats and high chairs for those mothers and fathers who are on the road a lot.

The bumbo baby sitter is another interesting chair that is only for infants that can hold their head up. This bumbo baby sitter is a soft, comfortable chair that is molded to support his or her back and sides. It also has passive restraints that help keep him or her from sliding forward. This baby sitter can support the weight that is between nine to twenty-two pounds. Look for a cushion that is going to prop up your toddler during those growing years.

The euro high chair two is a high chair that is three things in one. This is a high chair for your baby, and then converts into a booster seat for your toddler, and then it can be a chair for your teenager. The euro high chair two only takes about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes to assemble. This high chair is also a wooden chair that supports youth that weighs between eighteen to one hundred and fifty pounds. This euro high chair also comes with many different features such as a removable safety bar, anti-skid feet, built-in stabilizers, a seat cushion, and a five-point harness to make it very safe for your child. This high chair is for only those infants who can sit up on their own. for more products click Baby High Chair.

 As you may already know, there are a number of benefits to eating organic foods.  To reap the most benefits, organic food should be consumed for as long as possible.  What does this mean for parents?  It means that organic food consumption should start with baby food.  

If you just recently made the decision to integrate organic foods into your family meals, you may be looking for more information on organic foods for babies.  If so, you will want to continue reading on.  A few tips to help you get started with feeding your baby organic foods are highlighted below.

As previously stated, there are a number of benefits to eating organic foods.  These benefits include pesticide and chemical-free foods.  These types of foods are important for babies and other small children.  In fact, there are now some professional healthcare providers who recommend to their patients that they feed their babies organic baby foods.  Although there are no scientific studies that prove this, most think that eliminating potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides can help to promote healthy growth and good behavior in small children.  

When it comes to buying organic baby food, you will find that you can shop both locally and online.  Regardless of where you shop, it is important to look for certified organic foods.  These foods often have a specific label, which should be the same for all organic foods, no matter what the brand.  The United States does not allow a manufacturer to claim that their products are completely organic unless they truly are.  That is why you should look for certificate organic labels before making an organic baby food purchase.

As previously stated, organic baby food can be purchased both locally and online.  For many parents, they prefer to shop locally, as it is convenient to do.  Many supermarkets carry a small selection of organic baby foods.  This means that parents can buy food for their babies while doing the rest of their shopping.  This is very convenient for many parents.  With that being said, you are often only presented with a limited selection of organic baby foods.  This can be difficult when looking to “spice,” up the foods that your child eats.  Also, examine stores that specialize in the selling of natural, organic foods.

As for shopping online for organic baby food, it can also be convenient to do so.  As organic foods steadily increase in popularity, there are a number of online stores that sell organic foods, including organic baby food.  These websites can be found with a standard internet search.  To help get you started, Earth’s Best Organic, Diamond Organics, and Sweetpea Baby Foods all sell organic baby food.  Additional online stores and product manufacturers can be found with a standard internet search.  When looking to shop online, you may find it easier to search for the best prices.  As an important note, a credit or debit card that can proceed as a credit card is often needed to shop online

In addition to buying organic baby food, many parents wonder about making their own.  There are a number of books and online websites that highlight ways that baby food can easily be made at home.  When following these recipes, just be sure to use organic fruits and vegetables.  As a reminder, many supermarkets, specialty stores, and some farmer’s markets sell organic fruits and vegetables.  When using organic foods this way, you are essentially providing your baby with homemade organic baby food, which many claims are the best type of food to feed babies. 

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 Often, it seems fairly random whether or not babies sleep well. New parents will often discuss how they were simply "lucky" with one child as opposed to another. While it is true that in many cases how your child sleeps is largely out of your control, there remain many baby sleep tips you can employ to encourage better sleeping habits. One of the most important is to ensure that your baby is comfortable when he goes to sleep.

Bedtime is a transitional period for your child, and your efforts to make him sleep better should revolve around getting him to learn to sleep on his own. One of the most important elements of achieving this is to create an environment where your baby is as comfortable as possible. For this reason, the before-bed routine should always consist of changing and feedings - the worst thing for a baby, in terms of sleeping well, is to be in want of something when he is put to bed.

You should also be trying to make your baby as physically comfortable as possible when putting him to sleep. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of this is allowing your baby to breathe easily through the nose. Most people, but especially babies, depend on clear nasal passages for a good night's sleep. It's important to remove all airborne allergens in the baby's nursery: everything should be well dusted, and you should keep dust collecting items - like fuzzy blankets and stuffed animals - to a minimum. When your baby is very young it takes time for him to learn to breathe through his mouth, so you must carefully pay attention to his nasal breathing when putting him to sleep. If you notice the problem is persistent, you may benefit from installing an air filter in the room that is designed to remove dust particles and allergens - this also has the added bonus of creating a soothing hum that will help many babies sleep better.

You should also pay particular attention to your baby's clothing. All babies are different in terms of their preferences, and you have to watch them closely. In many cases, things that look comfortable to you - very snug outfits, for example - may not be comfortable for your particular baby. Try both tight and loose-fitting clothes and see which ones your baby seems to prefer.

Finally, consider how well your baby sleeps with wet diapers. Most babies will sleep well through the night with a wet diaper, but some will not. If this is the case, you can often solve your baby's sleeping difficulties by giving him a change in the night.

The main thing to keep in mind in terms of your baby's comfort is to pay close attention and to trust your instincts. Although it is tempting to follow guides and stick to hard and fast rules, remember that the adage "mother knows best" is generally true. So if your baby seems uncomfortable in his clothes, don't hesitate to change him into something that doesn't "look" as comfortable. If you trust your own judgments over those of guides in terms of your baby's comfort, it's likely that he will sleep much better. for more products click Baby Sleep.

The Christmas holiday period is a time when, for millions of families, the daily routine is likely to change, sometimes drastically or sometimes just a little. If you have a newborn, or very young, baby in the house, do not believe that they will not be aware of what’s going on just because they are lazing around in their crib sleeping most of the time. They will be aware of differences in their environment, so it is a good idea to think about the well being of the baby in advance and plan your Christmas period accordingly.

Probably the first sign that something different is going on in the home will be the Christmas decorations and ornaments going up. While the baby may seem oblivious to all commotion and activity as the decorations go up all around, there is a good chance that a baby who has lived in the house for a few months will be very aware of them, even if they cannot focus on the detail of the decorations themselves. This is a good time to get the baby involved in Christmas, right at the start, by letting them lie in the room being decorated while they are awake. Let them watch the rest of the family as they hang the Christmas tree decorations and lights, and all the other ornaments. Once in a while, take over an ornament that is bright and let her see it up close; find some that make a noise, and let her hear the gentle sounds up close. Nothing too noisy, of course, that will scare the baby, just the gentle sounds. Also, pick her up and take her up close to hanging ornaments. That will help the baby feel a part of what is going on, even if they do not have a clue what it is all about.

If your Christmas holiday is being spent at home, then the routine with the baby need not change too much. If you are expecting a lot of guests, though, then it may be rather different, so try not to forget to plan for the baby too. If you are getting caught up in a frenzy of cooking and other preparation in the days before Christmas, and on Christmas morning, then try to involve the baby just a bit, by allowing her to lie in the kitchen with you, or in whatever room the preparation may be going on. Remember, your baby will sense stress and anxiety in the parents, so it is best to allow plenty of time for your preparation so that you are not too rushed and stressed out.

If the baby is used to having a lot of people around, then she will probably not be too disturbed by the sudden influx of visitors. Even then, remember she needs peaceful periods, and when she joins the throng while awake it is worth keeping an eye on whether she is becoming overwhelmed by too much boisterous attention, especially as the alcohol may flow later in the day, or sooner in some cases. Always remember, your baby just needs love, warmth, care, food, and security, so as long as you remain conscious of those things at all times, then your baby can enjoy Christmas as much as you, even though she may not be able to tell you so.

If you are going away, then the routine upset will be greater, so it may not be quite so easy for the baby or parents. Everything mentioned above for staying at home still applies, and the travel preparation should be no different than for an ordinary trip away. However, take extra care and ensure you have everything that you will need for the baby while traveling and away, listed well in advance and organized in plenty of time. Depending on where you live, there may not be shops open on Christmas Day, and Christmas Eve shopping may be a stressful nightmare for you and the baby. So, it is well worth getting yourself, and your baby’s, things well organized in advance.

Christmas should be a great time for you, your family, and your baby. Much will be just as normal, but it is always worth remembering that she will be aware of anything that is different, whether in surroundings, tension levels, or sounds. If you are breastfeeding, you should be aware that what you eat and drink will provide her milk.

So long as you remain aware of those things, and act accordingly, your baby will be happy and have a good grounding for getting more involved next Christmas.

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Baby’s first bath. It can be a little unnerving, especially if you are a new mother and never given a newborn a bath. Don’t worry though, you’ll do just fine. Mothers have been giving babies a bath since the beginning of time. Today is much safer with all the new types of tubs designed just for infants and toddlers. And many babies love getting a bath!

Your newborn should just get sponge baths for the first couple of weeks at home or until the umbilical cord heals. Since your baby doesn’t need a bath every day, you can give sponge baths twice a week or as often as you feel is necessary. It is important to go ahead and gather everything you will need before you start. And here is the equipment you will need to bath a newborn:

* 1. thick towels or a sponge-type bath cushion

* 2. soft washcloths

* 3. bath seat for basin or sink

* 4. cotton balls

* 5. baby shampoo and baby soap (non-irritating)

* 6. hooded baby towel

* 7. clean diaper and clothing

Make sure the room you are using is warm (around 75 degrees F). Place a non-skid cushion or towel at the bottom of the seat/tub so your baby will not slide around (little ones are very slippery). Run warm water (between 90 to 100 degrees or warm to the inside of your wrist) into the sink/tub. Gently undress your baby while talking in a soothing voice, explaining what you are doing. Place the baby in the water slowly.

Start with the face with just a little bit of baby soap. Next, wash the head, and continue moving downwards. When bathing your baby, make sure to clean the following areas (and creases) thoroughly: neck, ears, buttocks and groin area. Try not to get the umbilical cord area wet; gently clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. And if your son is circumcised, try not to move the foreskin back when cleaning the groin area. Once you have the front clean, then finish with the back side.

Dry your baby thoroughly and then dress them. Make sure the head is completely dry. The first time may take a little bit of time because they will squirm and they are very slippery. But never take your hands off your baby. Once you both get used to this routine, it will be extremely easy. Have fun!

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The biggest trend for 2020 is that kids are more fashion-conscious at earlier ages. You may have seen those ads for Old Navy “Get your Fash’ On”? They’re aimed at pre-teens who are absorbing the message. Many of us didn’t care about fashion until we hit high school until then, we wore whatever T-shirts, jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, and other things our parents bought us or our older siblings handed down. Today, kids as young as eight or nine are brand-conscious and trend-aware, shopping for cohesive outfits instead of just throwing on whatever’s clean. Here are just some of the brands and trends your youngsters craved over 2020.

You may have noticed a trend this year for skinny jeans, ballet-slipper-inspired shoes, leggings under skirts, oversized tees, and big hoop earrings. This is a look that appeals to young girls it’s whimsical and yet stylish at the same time. Trendy tweens in 2020 went for the Flashdance look in a big way.

Crib Rock Couture. This company mixes traditional nursery rhymes with edgy style to give a unique, creative, and entertaining take on kids’ clothing. The brand is extremely popular among celebrities Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and more are all known to dress their kids in these clothes.

Dress Like a Pirate. Pirate fashion inspired by the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean was big this year. Horizontal stripes, fringed edges, bright colors, and beading were all the rage among younger pre-tweens.

Loads of Layers. Layering is a big fashion trend among young adults that’s been around for a while, and the kid fashion world is starting to emulate it. Girls are picking up camisoles, layering several different shirts, sweaters, and button-downs. Trendy kids are also incorporating scarves and knit ponchos, and leggings under skirts for a look that’s more sophisticated than the typical jeans-and-a-sweater warm-weather looks of past decades.

Bohemian Chic. With stars like Mary Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller as role models, young girls went for the flowy, flowery Bohemian Chic look in a big way this past year. This look involves long, flowing skirts; earthy tones combined with antique colors like dusty rose and muted sage; lots of contrasts in texture; Ethnic-inspired prints; and chunky, handmade-looking jewelry.

Rock Edge. Rock-inspired tees for boys have been a big trend ever since Angelina Jolie’s son, Shiloh, made an appearance in People Magazine wearing one from Kingsley. These tees are vintage-looking, faded, and distressed. Boys tend to like baggy pants, but the look is a tad more sophisticated when paired with some dark, straight-leg fitted jeans or a pair of skater-boy long shorts.

Vintage Casual. A little softer than the rock-edge look, but still along the same theme, boys loved the vintage casual look this year—it looks cool without “trying too hard,” and it’s comfortable, too. Pre-worn, pre-distressed and faded-looking tees with old-fashioned logos are a mainstay of this look, worn under button-downs left unbuttoned and untucked for that casual, relaxed look. Cargo pants and worn-in, relaxed-fit jeans are a natural pairing.

Expect kids to become brand-conscious earlier and earlier into 2021 they’re noticing what their older peers wear, and they want to look the same. There are lots of ways young kids can look cool and still wear age-appropriate clothes. for more products click baby fashion.

Babies are so much fun. But baby game showers are much more fun since moms-to-be, godparents, grandparents, and other invitees in the baby shower can get to play childish games again. Some of the baby game shower that can be played include Sing It, Baby!, Measuring up Mommy, Here's Looking at You, Kid!, Don't Say, Baby, Baby Truth or Dare,  The Seventh Gift,  and Dig out the Pins.

These baby games are the common baby game showers usually played. They are a great way that would let the guests mingle and get to know each other if they aren't acquainted yet. This is also another great way to give honor to the mom-to-be for having that precious baby on the way.

How do we play these baby game showers? Here is the run-down on how to play the baby game shower and create good memories of a great baby shower. 

In Sing It, Baby!, the guest participants form a circle. They can sit or stand. Then, each guest must sing a line or two from a song that has the word "baby" in it. When the first game player has finished, the next person seated on her right has ten seconds to sing another "baby" song. "Baby" songs cannot be repeated, thus, participants who repeat a song or cannot think of a "baby" song gets booted out of the game. The last person singing in this baby game shower wins the prize!

How big has mommy become? Measuring Up Mommy is the baby game shower to play as this gives the guests the freedom to measure mommy's size. Have a couple of toilet paper rolls ready and ask each participant to estimate the size of mommy's girth by cutting the toilet paper to their guess size. Then each one wraps around the new mommy's stomach the toilet paper they cut. The nearest length approximating to the mommy's stomach wins the prize!

Remember how you looked when you were a baby? This game takes you down memory lane as you need to dig up those baby pictures of yours. Because you need them to play the baby game shower Here's Lookin' At You, Kid! Before the party itself, request all the guests coming to bring the cutest baby picture of themselves. Upon their arrival, secure each baby picture and assign a number per picture. During the game, lay all baby pictures and give each participant paper and pen and ask them to identify as many baby pictures as they can. The guest with the most number of correct guesses is the big winner.

This baby game shower makes you NOT say what you are supposed to be attending to! The game Don't Say Baby is precisely that! Don't say "baby" during the entire length of the baby game shower for the diaper pin that was given to you upon your arrival will be taken away from you. The person with the most number of diaper pins collected at the end of the shower party wins a prize.

This baby game shower is for those who love baby trivia and the like. Play Baby Truth or Dare by writing down some baby trivia, some correct and others have purposely written incorrectly. During the baby game shower, ask randomly if the baby facts are either true or false. Those who guess correctly gets a prize while those who don't will be dared to perform in front of everyone else.

We all know that the single lady who catches the bride's wedding bouquet is said to become the next bride. In The Seventh Gift, it is not so much a baby game shower but more of a fable that says that the giver of the seventh gift unwrapped will be the next expecting mother. However, avoid "planting" the seventh gift.

Last but not the least, Dig Out the Pins is the baby game shower that tests the agility of the guests as they fish out the most number of diaper pins from a large bowl filled with uncooked rice and diaper pins in under two minutes. The participant that has the most number of pins brings home the prize.

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The first baby monitors were really just a small intercom you hung by your baby’s crib so you would know if they started crying. Advances in design and technology have improved and so have the baby monitors you can purchase.

Baby Monitors are used by millions of families every year to help watch over their newborns and older babies. Some now sense movement, sound, and some even have visual monitors for watching over your newborn baby. Here are some of the monitors that I find to be very useful.

What are some of the features I should look for in a Baby Monitor?

1. Whether it has one receiver or two or more is one feature to consider. Having more than one receiver for the Baby Monitor, means you don’t have to carry it from room to room with you. You can have one receiver for the baby monitor in your bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and so on.

2. Is the receiver for the Baby Monitor battery operated or electric? Baby Monitors that run on batteries should also have an AC Adapter. If the batteries go dead, a nice feature is one that alarms you to that fact. Otherwise, you will just think the baby is being quiet when in reality, you are no longer monitoring the baby.

3. Another option to having more than one receiver is to get a Baby Monitor with a belt clip so that you won’t forget it when you go from room to room.

4. The receiver should be portable and lightweight.

5. The range of the monitor is also important. Some have only a range of 100 feet, while other Baby Monitors have a range of over 400 feet.

6. If it has more than one channel, then there should be an easy way to change channels, and the volume control feature on most Baby Monitors is essential. Some really don’t have one.

7. Try the Baby Monitor out in the store if they will allow you to. The Baby Monitor’s sound should be very clear from a distance. If there is a lot of static or the sound is very poor quality, the Baby Monitor isn’t for you.

8. Surface mounting options for your Baby Monitor are important as well. The ability to mount it in more than one way should be included. Clips, suction cups, and other mounting options make using your Baby Monitor easy. for more products click Baby Monitors.

 Are you ready for some summer fun with your baby? Doctors and health professionals agree that there is no reason that even newborns as young as one month old can’t go in the pool (the old school thought that parents should wait until babies have at least had their two-month immunizations no longer holds water) and say that introducing children to water early on can be conducive to teaching them to swim. Taking a baby into the pool means providing the baby with the appropriate swimwear.

Swimwear for newborns younger than three months is rather hard to come by. Most manufacturers start their swimwear sizes anywhere between three and twelve months, which is okay because babies younger than that are better off swimming au natural. For older babies and toddlers there are a good number of swimwear choices available.

Swim Diapers:

One potential issue that used to keep parents from bringing babies into the swimming pool was the worry about what would happen if the child had an “accident” in the water. While it was really never that much of an issue (pool chlorination is intended to combat exactly this sort of problem), parents would refrain from bringing their babies to public pools for fear of the embarrassment this would cause and were reluctant to bring them into their own pools if they did not know what steps would need to be taken in the event of a solid waste accident. With the advent of swim diapers, those fears no longer need to prevent a child from going in the water.

Swim diapers are polyurethane lined with a cotton cloth. Machine washable and dryable, they are the perfect answer for parents who are concerned that their babies may relieve themselves while in the pool. Available from many stores and online retailers, swim diapers typically cost anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars.

Flotation Devices:

The most popular and effective children’s floatation devices are the “water wings” that slide over the arms and keep the child afloat and free to splash and play in the water. These are, unfortunately, not suitable for children under twelve months. There are floatation devices designed for younger babies, but the general recommendation is that babies that age stay with the parents unless being taught to swim (swim classes for babies can start as early as twelve weeks).

Swimsuits and Trunks:

Baby swimwear comes in various styles, mostly in full-body tanks and trunks similar to those worn by older children and men. For girls, there are one and two-piece styles, as one would expect. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive it is important to use the appropriate sunscreen to prevent your little Ethel or Mark from getting a nasty sunburn while at the pool. for more products click Baby Swimwear.

We all love our newborns, and as much as we want to give them the proper attention, we often exaggerate the type of caring we give.  Especially for a firstborn, parents tend to over-buy for their little one in almost all aspects including baby skincare, and unwittingly, irritating the softest skins in the world.  

The bottom line in choosing baby skincare products is to opt for brands that are bland and fragrance-free.  The principle "less is more" in skincare definitely applies to caring for a baby's vulnerable skin.  Some baby skin care products seem to give you skincare ideas that might well be unnecessary.  The point is to cleanse the baby's skin mildly and let natural oils of the skin do the moisturizing (hey, that's what they are for).  Preservatives, dyes, and talc (on the contrary) are not recommended for babies.  

A&D has ointments for diaper rash containing these ingredients: petrolatum as base, lanolin, cod liver oil, fragrance, mineral oil, and wax.  Aveeno's baby skincare products claim to be fragrance-free and free of agents used in detergent cleansers making them gentle enough for baby's skin. In addition to these baby skin-care products, Baby Magic Baby Care claims to have none of the odor or fragrance among its ingredients.  Their lines of products are baby baths and baby lotions at very low prices.  Balmex is a diaper rash ointment that uses balsam as its main ingredient, which can possibly irritate a baby's skin.

All baby skincare products manufactured by Bobbi Brown Baby Essentials contain a distinct fragrance but you'll find out by reading the ingredients list of their products.  The buttermilk soap of Burt's Bees baby products is reviewed as having harsh ingredients that tend to dry the baby's skin. Also, although buttermilk contains skin nourishments, surely your baby's formula already suffices.  

Dr. Smith's diaper ointment does not contain fragrance and is made mostly of zinc oxide, Vaseline, lanolin, mineral oil, wax, plant oil, and preservative.  Meanwhile, it’s better to settle for the fragrance-free version of Huggies baby wipes.  Recommended Johnson and Johnson baby skin care products are the ones without fragrance and less of the detergent cleansing agent like moisturizing baby bath with aloe vera and vitamin E.  Kiehl's line of baby skincare products that have lesser or none of the irritating ingredients are baby body lotion and nourishing soothing diaper area ointment.  Mustela, Neutrogena (baby care only), and Origins baby care moreover have a line of baby skincare products you might want to try.  Just be careful to read the back labels and remember: less is more in baby's skin.                       for more products click Baby skincare products.


You expecting a baby soon and have begun designing your baby’s nursery. You want everything to be perfect but there are so many decisions to make. What type of theme are you trying to achieve? What color scheme are you going to use? What Baby bedding design will you choose? While picking out your Baby Bedding there are some things that should be considered before making your purchase. 

It is important to make sure that your baby bedding materials are flame resistant. It is also a good idea to find out what the thread count of your baby bedding is. The higher the thread count in your baby bedding the higher the quality of the fabric and the softer it will feel to your baby. You would not want a scratchy fabric rubbing against your baby's delicate skin. Your Crib Bedding should be as comfortable as it is interesting for your baby to look at. After all, they will be spending quite a bit of time in their crib.

When you purchase your baby bedding you may notice it has a stiff feel to it. This is normal. Most Designer Baby Bedding manufacturers use products on the bedding to make it stays wrinkle-free and looking new. You may want to wash your new crib bedding set before using it for the first time. This will help soften it up and make your baby more comfortable.

Once you decide on your crib bedding design, you may want to shop around. Shopping around can save you a great deal of money as many online retailers offer discounts and bonus items with your baby bedding purchase. Many also offer free shipping with your purchase. It is also important to find a retailer that carries coordinating accessories for your baby bedding. You may also want to ask if the retailer offers any discount on their accessories with a crib bedding purchase.

You may only use your Baby Bedding for what seems like a short period of time but it is a very special time for both you and your baby. Years from now when your kids are grown and you take it out of that old cedar chest you will say, this was their first baby blanket, and those fond memories of watching your baby laying their content, just staring at their Crib Bedding patterns or their musical mobile will surely bring you joy and maybe a tear or two. for more products click baby bed.

Becoming a parent for the first time involves a huge amount of learning, as there are hundreds of things involved which childless people will have had no reason to come across before, nor had any incentive to learn about. When you first learn of the impending new arrival, your thoughts will probably be taken up with decorating and equipping a nursery, buying clothes, bottles, and much more, but many people don't think of a baby car seat until later on in the pregnancy. It's very important to make sure you know what to look for in a seat, as after all, you'll need one on your baby's very first journey, from the hospital back home.

For this first journey, you'll need a seat that faces the rear of your vehicle. This provides the best protection in the event of an impact for an infant who is unable yet to support the weight of their own head. The seat will be nicely reclined backward, providing a safe and comfortable cocoon for your baby.

It's important to choose a rear-facing seat which is sturdy and dependable, yet light to carry. Young babies sleep a little and often, and the last thing you want to do after finally getting your child to sleep in a car journey is to wake them by removing them from their warm and cozy seat. Having an easily detachable model that is light to carry means you can ferry your baby from car to house with as little disturbance as possible.

These rear-facing seats are only suitable for younger infants. Once they've grown to weigh around 20 pounds or the top of their head is nearing the upper edge of the seat and thus no longer protected properly, you'll need to move to a forward-facing seat.

These seats are much more upright, but better models can be adjusted to provide a more horizontal position to help your toddler sleep during longer journeys. Because of the upright position, it's essential that your child is able to sit up on their own before using this kind of seat. Forward-facing seats are built to last for a fair few years, and most will be good until your child reaches the age of 4 or 6.

Before we finish, there are two extremely important things to bear in mind when buying a car seat.

Firstly, you should be very careful when buying one that isn't brand new. Although it might seem like an economy to get a second-hand seat, there's no way of knowing for sure its history. It may have been involved in an accident at some point in the past, resulting in weaknesses that may not be visible to the naked eye. These weaknesses could endanger your baby even in a minor accident. You should only buy a used seat when you can be absolutely sure of the history - such as when buying off close friends or family.

Finally, baby car seats shouldn't be fitted in front seats where an airbag is fitted. In an accident, the inflation of the airbag could cause serious injury or suffocation to a child, so always fit car seats in the rear of the vehicle in this case.

for more information and products click Baby Car Seats.


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